Advertising on couldn't be easier with our Sponsor campaign management system. Change your advertisements instantaneously with our ad upload manager, and view live statistics on campaign wide or on individual ads! It couldn't be anymore cost effective for such valuable ad space. All ads are site wide for maximum exposure!

We support common file types such as gif, jpg, and png. You can even animate your advertisements for more eye grabbing attention. If you do not have the means to create your own ads, we can assist!

Ad Sizes offers three different ad sizes based on web standards and guidlines set by the Interactive Advertising Bureau. Each is placed throughout the site according to the size and exposure.

  • Full Banner - 468x60 pixels - Top of all pages - Example
  • Rectangle - 180x150 pixels - Middle of all pages - Example
  • Leaderboard - 728x90 pixels - Bottom of all pages - Example


Single Ad Campains

  • Full Banner - $20/month
  • Rectangle - $20/month
  • Leaderboard - $20/month


  • Three Ad Campaign (1 of each size) - $50/month
  • Each Additional Campaign - $40/month

Why So Cheap?

Simply put, is a hobby; not a business. However, as an interactive and dynamic web site we do incur hosting, bandwidth, and other costs. Ad space is our means of keeping a self sustaining and free service to the everyday RC enthusiast.