Turnigy - L2210C-1200kv



  • Type: Outrunner
  • Weight: 48.00g (1.69oz)
  • Diameter: 28.00mm (1.10in)
  • Length: 25.00mm (0.98in)
  • Shaft Diameter: 3.00mm (0.12in)
  • Maximum Amps: 15.8
  • Maximum RPM: 12000


  • kV: 1200
  • Rm: 0.209
  • Io: 0.95

Test Data


jimbo on 2015-05-19 16:09:47
my plane will fly with a 12" prop but i don't know what size of motor i have already it stock a 950 with a 3/8ths shaft that would take a big prop but is it powerful enough to create enough draft to make the plane take off
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